Hank Jr.

The Anti-Bully Jock


5’9, around 170. Brown hair, blue eyes. May sport the occasional bruise.

Is usually wearing plain clothes. Nothing fancy.


​Hank Jr was born the All-American. He has lived in the neighborhood all his life, never once moving. “Needs to live the American way of life,” his dad would often say. So, at a young age, Hank learned what it is to be an American through one of the best methods: sports.

​Hank was involved in as many sports as possible. He played baseball, football, basketball, and even took karate, that one to the chagrin of his dad, Hank Sr. And Hank Jr. was amazing at everything. It seemed like he just had the knack for being able to be the best at everything he touched. Well, that was to the public eye. What many people didn’t see is the agonizing hours that Hank Jr. spent training. And training. And training. Even putting off school to do so.

Hank Sr., a construction worker, had, in his day, been a decent foot ball player. To Sr., he was amazing and if it wasn’t for the one play his senior year where they had picked Josh Stolen to do the run, he would have been picked by the local college and gone off to do great things. Now he’s stuck here. In this shit hole of a town. Not going to happen to his boy. Not on his watch.

So Hank Jr. trained hard. When he participated in games and happened to let a guy through or not make the free throw he knew what to expect. When he got home, he got punished. Maybe it was a smack across the face. Maybe it was the belt. Maybe the old TV antenna. It was coming. It didn’t quite help that Hank Sr. had been drinking during the whole game. And before. And after. No…that didn’t matter at all.

Luckily, the same time the bruises came about, Hank Jr. was also getting into fights. You see, Hank Jr. didn’t like to see people get abused. Especially littler people. Something deep inside him made him protect those that he could. Maybe that was the training for football being the center to protect the quarterback. Maybe it was protecting his siblings Sibrena and Joe (11 and 8)from Hank Sr. Either way, he hated to see people bully. Which was weird as many assumed Hank Jr. to be one himself. He grew up solid and seemed to stand taller than all his friends. But yet, to many, he was just a big teddy bear. A big…dumb…teddy bear.

A lot of people knew Hank Jr. couldn’t read. But when the husband is the coach and you are making all the star plays, somehow things worked in Hank’s favor. Maybe the “No Child Left Behind” shouldn’t have applied to him, but yet he kept getting moved forward. It probably helped that he protected those weaker than him, because it also seemed that when it came time to turn in an essay, his seemed to look very similar to the one of the smartest kid in class. No one seemed to mind though. The work got done, and he was soon going to be in high school and then move on to either college or maybe, if they were lucky, be the first person drafted from this small town.

Things probably would have been a lot worse for Hank had it not been for Sarah, who he met in 1st grade. He doesn’t quite remember when she came into town, but he remembers meeting her the first time. She was a taller girl. Not big but not a stick thing. It was on the playground. She was getting picked on by some kid, and Hank Jr went to step in. Before he could get there, the kid laid on the ground, nose bleeding. She looked up at him, and then just smiled. There was something about her he liked. Couldn’t put his finger on it. Maybe it was the fact that they fought well together. Maybe it was the fact that she had this smile that made everyone like her. All he knows is they were always in it together. He shared everything he could with her. She was the only one to be able to call him Jr. He shared with her the real reason for the bruises. He knew she was there for him, as he was for her. No one could touch her. No one could even look at her with any sort of crossness. People, big or small, were required to respect her, or faith Hank’s wraith.

Hank stands at a tall 5’9. He’s a good 170. Has brown hair, blue eyes. To some he’s considered good looking. He can get away with being 17 and maybe 18 depending. He hangs out with the same group, including Sarah. He gets into some trouble but because of who he is, and sometimes who he hangs with, gets out of it a lot. He’s a brawler through and through. Loves a fight. Loves to protect the weak, though can’t really protect himself from his dad. Because of drills being pushed into him by his dad, he somehow always knows where to go where ever he is at. It’s almost like second nature for him.

Hank Jr.

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