Moira (Moy-ra)

A long life can be crueler then a swift death


The name Moira is a of Greek origin, meaning “destiny, share, fate”. In Greek mythology the Moira, known in English as the Fates, were the white-robed incarnations of destiny.

With skin and hair as white as chalk, she clothes herself in flowing garments with as little color as her complexion. The only contrast to the fields of white is the blackness of her eyes, although light shines off of them they reflect nothing found in eyes of mortals, calculating and cold. Standing at seven feet when still she seems less an alive being and more a hauntingly beautiful statute frozen in time.


First met while in a dreamworld she has a fondness for riddles and follows a set of rules known to none but her own. She had within her possession Blackbird, trapped within a glass bowl. When Hank Jr., Pippi, Benny, and Sarah found her she said she would release BlackBird if they could answer her riddles three.
While Hank, Pippi and Benny struggled to answer the riddles Sarah snuck over to where Blackbird was held and with her helped gaves enough hints to the others for them to answer the riddles correctly. Luck did not smile on them that day for Pippi was turned to stone by Moira for her insolence and said they may have Blackbird but this one was no longer theirs to keep. Hank offered a riddle of his own to Moira then, she may have him for a year in return for Pippi if she could answer his riddle. Although Moira did not know the answer and returned Pippi she discovered Sarah by Blackbird and in her anger declared she would not go free for they cheated to find the answers. Before they could do anymore the world vanished from behind their eyes as they awoke in their beds back in the world they know.

Hank: This chick is not someone we can take lightly. I got lucky with the only riddle I know. We shouldn’t try to really mess with her until we have something to even the scales.

Moira (Moy-ra)

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