Randy has had a fairly typical childhood. With both parents having busy work schedules, it leaves them very little time to be concerned about him. Randy ends up with toys instead of attention, which is likely why he started acting out in the first place. He pulls pranks on the school staff, and occationally the other students, but he has gotten good at not getting caught. Not that that stops the staff from blaming him anyway, even for things he didn’t do.

Calls for parent-teacher confrences go unheeded, after all, Randy’s a B student, so nothing too bad can be going on…

Technicly Randy’s supposed to be a “latch key kid” but he never shows, and since nothing bad has happened to him, his parents don’t really notice.

(he’s 12, this is what you get for background. If it were an adult character this part of his life would have been 2 sentences…)


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