Kan'na Roser

That fluffy Asian girl.


Physical Characteristics

Nationality: Japanese American
Skin Color: Cream—the natural kind. She doesn’t look like Cool Whip.
Height: 4’1”
Weight: 60 lb
Scars: No obvious ones.
Piercings: Absolutely not.
Tattoos: She’s not Yakuza.
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Mid-back
Hair Type: Straight
Hair Style: Usually low pig tails, but also down.
Eye Type: Typical Japanese eyes, thought they are a bit wider due to her American dad.
Eye Color: Brown

Health and Fitness

Abnormalities: Tiny
Addictions: None
Aids: None
Allergies: None as of yet.
Broken Bones: None currently
Conditions: None
Diseases: Flu currently, apparently.
Disorders: None
Handicaps: Mother
Medication: None
Vulnerabilities: Mother
Reason for Health: Yoga

Birthmarks: None
Blood Type: AB+
Diet: She eats a lot of Japanese cuisine, but also much of the lighter Western stuff.
Exercise: Yoga, also running around.
Figure: She’s rather figure-less at the moment.
Fitness: Average
Hygiene: Kan’na generally tries to look her best at all times, meaning that she is usually impeccably groomed.
Martial Arts: She’s considering it.


Accessories: She often wears bows, barrettes, or those little hair ties with the charms in them.
Dress Style/Wardrobe: Being a budding Lolita and having once been complemented by her mother that she looks cute in pink, Kan’na often looks as if a wedding cake exploded on her before taking a roll in ruffled curtains.
Equipment: Tablet Computer
Backpack: small FirstAid kit with assorted Bandaids; antiseptic wipes; adhesive tape and ACE roll bandages; little bag of cotton balls and Q-tips; 2 pair synthetic gloves; roll of gauze; safety pins; plastic tweezers; hand sanitizer: Travel sewing kit with tiny sissors; measuring tape; thimble; small bag of buttons; 9 pins; 3 sewing needles with various eye sizes: keychain with Pepper Spray; house keys; Hello Kitty plush
3 Most Prized Possession: Doll house her father built her before he went to Iraq, Locket from her paternal grandmother with a picture of her parents at their wedding in it. Hello Kitty Plush
3 Most Valuable Possession: Tablet computer. Other than that perhaps her clothes, and a wakizashi she found in the attic that she keeps under her pillow. (I think. Or was that planned for the future? Have to ask Jeremy.)
Trinkets: Pepper Spray. 1 Omamori/anti-evil protection charm. Has a piece of mirror from the 8 pointed star room, but doesn’t carry it with her. She does carry the candle from the music room with her wherever she goes.

General/Personal Characteristics

Other Names: Fluffy
Theme Song: Azora No Namida
Birth Date: September 1st
Age: 9
Manner of Birth: She popped out and her mother assured her father that next time it would be a boy.
Zodiac: Virgo, Born year of the Monkey
First Word(s): Daddy

Primary Objective: Kan’na’s rather confused at the moment. Her entire life she’s striven to live up to her mother’s expectations, but now she sees that there is a whole other side to the world that her mother doesn’t even know about.
Secondary Objectives: While terrified, Kan’na is insatiably curious about this new facet of the world. At the same time, she worries that this very curiosity will anger or horrify her mother if she ever found out.
Priorities: fulfilling her mother’s expectations; her grades
Motivation: Aaaand….still her mother. Though she also feels somewhat responsible for the death of their classmate, and doesn’t want to see anyone else hurt.
Accomplishments: Good grades. She’s also managed to make some tentative friends, even if her mother probably wouldn’t approve of them.
Greatest Achievement: Honestly, nothing. There is always room for improvement.
Failures: Kan’na has not failed significantly at this point in time.
Biggest Failure: Not succeeding spectacularly at anything yet.
Self-Confidence: Not much. Flaw of Impossible Standard. However, she believes this is normal, so it doesn’t bother her as much as, say, it would the school counselor.
Traumas: See “Impossible Standard: Asian parent”
Afflictions: She’s currently afraid of the dark, needing her room to be completely lit in order to sleep, even having a flashlight pointing under her bed. She also dislikes slimy things, but this is an old problem.
Embarrassments: As horrible is as it sounds, she’d be terribly embarrassed if her family met her friends. Her dad would like them, but as they are not exclusively straight-A+ students that look like they just came from an academic award ceremony, her mother would insist she do better.
Worries: Her mother finding out what she’s been up to, and who with.
Soothers: Her friends. She doesn’t feel constantly pressured with them, except when they all want to go traipsing into danger and she would prefer not to.
Instigators: She doesn’t need to be reminded; it’s always on her mind.

Earliest Memory: Fuzzy shot of her dad, soothing her when she was upset.
Fondest Memory: Her dad making the doll house.
Worst Memory: Entire lock-in.
Favorite Dream: She was a pop star, and everyone was cheering and they loved her. Then the President of the United States came up and presented her with a perfectly executed test, and the Deans of all the major universities came and begged her to go to their school. Her mother and father were off to the side, and they both told her that they were proud of her, and her dad said he’d never leave again.
Worst Nightmare: Tie: She comes home with an F and her mother disowns her, and she has to go into the foster system with Bo, only no one wants a failure like her. The other is simply her standing in a cemetery, and the body in the coffin belongs to her dad. In some of them, it continues, and the people throw her in the coffin, which is suddenly empty, and bury her alive. The creature from the campaign then scratches the outside of the coffin, trying to get in at her.

Desires: Her dad to come home.
Wishes: Her mother’s acceptance, although she truly believes she’ll get it one day, if she tries hard enough.
Regrets: Being mean to Evangeline.
Secrets: (What does your character know that must not be told to anyone? You can PM this one to me if you want.)
Confidantes: Ilea, though she’s starting to warm to Sarah and Preacher boy.
Soft Spots: Kittens. Though, really, Kan’na is very kind and will lend a hand to anyone she thinks needs help, if they are doing something she approves of. Example: she’ll help that little old lady cross the street, but she will not assist Randy in making a mashed-potato bomb, unless she thought he was in imminent danger of killing himself.
Cruel Streaks: Anything Kan’na wants dead, chances are it is smaller than a shoe and able to be killed by one.

Musical Instrument: Piano, only not in front of people, and she can’t read music.
Quirks: Judgmental and kind is sorta quirky all by itself, but most obviously, her fashion sense.
Dominant Hand: Lefty.
Catchphrase: Think first.
Autograph: Neat and sort of spiky.

Mental Characteristics

IQ: around the 130’s
Known Languages: English, Japanese
Lures: Cute things. Also, wondrous things, like little orbs of light that appear out of nowhere to lead you into the woods.
Manias: None that have developed yet.
Memory: Eidetic Memory
Phobias: Dark, currently. Slimy things.
Savvies: Research!
Ineptities: “You didn’t do your homework? Why? The world might end? But…your homework…”
Temperament: Tendency for ruminative thought. Judgmental toward other people, but manages not to be mean about it. She sees it as knowing how they can improve themselves.
Hobbies: …does homework count? She likes making food, especially sweets, and making little dresses for her dolls.
Pet Peeves: People being needlessly cruel (this does not include berating or teasing about something that she’s noticed. If kid A is calling kid B stupid, and he doesn’t get good grades, she will simply think kid A is being blunt but truthful.), and people being needlessly stupid.

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical-Mathematical: Exceptionally well…unless she fails her composure role. So far she’s a bit of a crybaby.
Spatial: If it is a memory, then perfectly. She also has a fairly good imagination.
Linguistic: Quite good.
Bodily-Kinesthetic: She’s fairly average coordination wise.
Musical: Most Asians have perfect or near-perfect pitch, due to tonality changes in the language. This is how she is able to pick out tunes on the piano and other hammer-struck instruments like the xylophone.
Interpersonal: She is still somewhat awkward, and sees people a bit like puzzles to be solved. She can interact with adults just fine, but has trouble understanding other children.
Intrapersonal: At the grand age of nine, this question has never occurred to Kan’na. She just wants to make her parents happy.
Naturalistic: Depends on what books she’s read about it. From personal experience, not well, though she can pick up on clues like “one of these things is not like the other” and “hey, all the birds have stopped.”
Existential: Kan’na is pretty accepting. Santa still delivers her presents.

Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: Number seven. Other than that, all things have good and evil inside them, and which side is dominant is not always a conscious decision on their part. It is good to maintain a balance, and not to get on the bad side of spirits. She sees all people as basically good, if not necessarily completely trustworthy, and expects them to conform to societal norms of good behavior.
Etiquette: Kan’na is genuinely kind and compassionate, and this manifests itself as her being helpful and polite. While she is judgmental she generally keeps it to herself, with a few notable exceptions.
Attitude: Polite, reserved, and friendly. And cautions and occasionally skeptical.
Outlook on Life: Also another thing she probably hasn’t thought about. Life is, essentially, just a series of chances to make oneself better until you die.
Perception: The glass is half full…but it could always be fuller. And you should always strive to fill it only with good things. For that matter, strive for a better glass. This one is fine but you shouldn’t settle for average.
Standpoint: From a slightly bewildered child’s standpoint. The world used to just be full of people—those who failed and those who keep trying to succeed—but now it is also full of monsters.
Philosophy: Kan’na is still trying to live her life trying to please her mother. She cannot have her own philosophy until she stops.
Political Party: Aren’t parties supposed to be fun?
Taboos: Torture

Spiritual Characteristics

Animal: (What animal might best describe your character?)
Religion: Shinto
Devotion: It’s sort of an unconscious way-of-life thing.
Superstitions: Hungry ghosts, bad kami, karma—even though that’s not Shinto.
Virtues: Chastity (yeah, still 9), Charity, Diligence, Kindness, tries for Patience, limited Justice, but more like fairness than legal justice.
Vices: Pride (for family, if not for self), Envy, and Despair.

Supernatural Characteristics

Ability: (What is the name of your character’s power? Reactive Adaptation? Sonic Rainboom? Toxic Flatulence?)
Element: (What element does your character control or is classified under? Fire? Light? Surprise?)
Immunities: (What kinds of attacks is your character immune to?)
Futilities: (What things or people does your character’s power have no effect on?)
Restrictions: (What can’t they do with their power or what negative effects balances it?)
Origin: (Where, when, and how did your character get their power?)
Source: (Where do they draw their power from? Their own body? A necklace?)

Highs and Lows

Likes: Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Macaroons, cupcakes, Preacher boy, dolls, the color blue
Dislikes: bullies, slacking off, slimy things like frogs, squid, and baked beans.

Favorite Actor:
Favorite Animal: she really likes kitties
Favorite Arts: painting, especially masterpieces.
Favorite Band:
Favorite Book: She starting to read Nancy Drew.
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Country: She’s reserving this opinion until she visits Japan again. She was too little the last time to remember it well.
Favorite Drink: Mango juice.
Favorite Excuse: “I was studying.” This has the added benefit of usually being true.
Favorite Food: Fresh strawberries, vanilla cupcakes, shrimp-fried-rice
Favorite Flavor: strawberry-kiwi, or mango
Favorite Movie: She’s fond of documentaries
Favorite Musical Genre: classical, it helps her study, but she secretly listens to K-pop
Favorite Mythical Creature: Yuki Onna, or Snow Woman. She’s also partial to Baku, because they eat bad dreams.
Favorite Number: 4
Favorite Pastime: making sweets or playing with her dolls. And studying, of course, but she had to learn to enjoy it.
Favorite People: Her dad, Sarah, Preacher boy. Randy and Junior are growing on her.
Favorite Place: the library
Favorite Quote:
Favorite Restaurant:
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Song: Azora No Namida
Favorite Store: Amazon.com
Favorite Story Genre: Fairy tales and manga
Favorite Subject: math
Favorite TV Show: My Little Pony
Favorite Words: “Industrious” “Live” “Melancholy” and “lopsided.”
Least Favorite Actor:
Least Favorite Animal: spiders, though technically not an animal
Least Favorite Arts: macaroni drawing
Least Favorite Band:
Least Favorite Book: A book about monsters she found in Uncle Mizu’s room. She didn’t know exactly what they were doing to that school girl, but it didn’t look nice.
Least Favorite Color: Pink and puke green
Least Favorite Country: Iraq
Least Favorite Drink: orange soda
Least Favorite Excuse: “My dog ate it”
Least Favorite Food: heavy, grease-filled foods make her nauseous.
Least Favorite Flavor: she once got a Boogy flavored Bertie Boots Every-Flavored Bean. Other than that, she’s not too fond of BBQ.
Least Favorite Movie: The Ring
Least Favorite Musical Genre: Screamo
Least Favorite Mythical Creature: Teke Teke and the Jinmenju, the Boogy Man is high on that list, too.
Least Favorite Number: 2
Least Favorite Pastime: Sand-raking
Least Favorite People: She hasn’t met all that many people, but she’s not too fond of the kid in the swimming class with the hinky toe nail.
Least Favorite Place: School’s basement.
Least Favorite Quote: “Do or do not; there is no try.”—Yoda
Least Favorite Restaurant: Most commercial Chinese places.
Least Favorite Season: Summer—how is she supposed to know she’s progressing if no one is grading her stuff?
Least Favorite Song: Achey Brakey Heart
Least Favorite Store:
Least Favorite Story Genre: Horror
Least Favorite Subject: Gym
Least Favorite TV Show:
Least Favorite Words: curse words, “Failure” “Disowned” “Try harder”

Social Characteristics

Communication: Politely and as concisely as she can.
Criminal Record: Any criminal record would get Kan’na disowned.
Discriminations: Culiflower. Slackers and the willfully stupid. Also, the ungroomed. And those who look just like dead people and have hinky toe nails.
Dominance: Kan’na hasn’t had much chance to exercise her spine. We’ll see what happens.
Ego: Eh. She can do better.
Emotional Stability: Depends on what kind of abuse is being inflicted, and by who, and for what.
Expression: You can tell how upset Kan’na was by how many macaroons she made. On the other hand, she sings when she’s happy.
Humor: Normal 9-year-old girl things. Also history or math jokes.
Liveliness: Fairly normal energy levels. She can sit for hours and study, but also go out and read a book while she swings.
Mannerisms: Kan’na is polite and thoughtful.
Patience: She’s fairly patient, but the more stressed she’s been, the less that patience gets.
Reputation: Fluffy crybaby, I would guess.
Sociability: She likes being around the others, but she really likes being around those, like Preacher boy or Ilea, who will happily spend time in the library with her.
Status: “New.”
Style: Fluffy Lolita.


Compliments: If someone is especially well-groomed or did something different that looks good, Kan’na might comment on it if she thinks the person needs the pick-me-up. She will almost always compliment someone she sees making an effort to improve themselves, such as getting a better grade or practicing the cello.
Insults: Insulting people is rude, and will only get you in trouble. Look what happened with Evangeline, and she wasn’t even trying to be insulting.
Emotional Status: Keep calm and study on. Unless you lose your composure roll, then freak out and cry.
Expletives: “Oh, fudge!” “yatsu” (meaning the person is unpleasant) “Baka!” “Yikes!”
Mood: Slightly worried, always, but trying to cover it up with pleasantness.
State of Mind: Slightly worried—imminent failure or imminent success could be just around the corner, but turn the corner you must, and you won’t know which it is until it finds you.
Words: Normal vernacular words.
Farewells: “Bye bye!” “See you tomorrow!”
Greetings: smiles, gives little wave

School and Work

Average Grade: A+ or NO DINNER!
Extracurricular: Extra credit
Special Education: Private tutor.
Study Habits: She studies for about three or four hours after school, then bakes or makes dinner, reads or researches for pleasure, then plays dolls.

Association: Kan’na doesn’t really see herself as connected to anyone.
Learning Type: Visual and Auditory.
Work Ethic: Thoroughly, effectively, and efficiently.
Transportation: Walking, or ride with Uncle Mizu. Or school bus.


Class: Upper middle class.
Debt: None.
Dependents: 9 year old
Funds: perhaps five bucks for lunchroom bargaining. Or if she needs a new eraser from the school store.
Income: ($5 a day x 5 days a week) #of school weeks – snow days – vacation days

Interpersonal Connections

Mother: Okaasan
Relationship with her: See “Impossible Standard”
Father: Daddy
Relationship with him: Daddy’s little girl is so far away!
Siblings, How many, relationship with each: None
Children of siblings: None
Immediate Family: sees her mom perhaps twice a week
Close Relatives: Uncle Mizu
Distant Relatives: Grandma in Florida, “Ojii-chan” and “Obaa-chan” in Japan.
Ancestors: Can I be related to Sesshomaru?

Allegiance: Family and friends
Enemies: That thing from the mirror
Friends: Junior, Sarah, Preacher boy, to some extent Benny and Randy
Heroes: Her mother and father
Inspirations: Her mother
Pets: none
Role Models: Mother and father


Signature Move: spray in the eyes with something
Specialty: pepper spray
Special Attack: Pepper spray
Strengths: quick
Weaknesses: Asian. Small Asian. Keep away from tentacle monsters


First Impressions: Striking looks, fluffy dress, tiny
Strangers’ Impressions: see above
Friends’ Impressions: see above
Family’s Impressions: not a boy
Self Impression: not good enough
Authority’s Impressions: see “First impressions.”
Associates’ Impressions: see above



Defining Moment

Other Information


Kan’na is the half-Japanese daughter of a U.S. soldier and a female trauma surgeon from Okinawa. Her father is currently in Iraq, while her mother is typically at the hospital. Mostly she sees her maternal uncle, Mizu, who confines himself to his basement apartment playing dating Sims when not taking care of the day-to-day needs of the house, or working in his Zen garden in the back. Kan’na has mostly been home schooled by impersonal tutors. She is rather starved for attention from her mother and seeks to get it by being as perfect as possible. Given her mother’s rather exacting standards and general disinterest in anything but the surface of her daughter’s life, this is difficult, as any accomplishments are just her meeting, not exceeding, expectations.

On the other hand, Kan’na is the darling of her father’s life, when he is home. She loves him, but doesn’t quite know how to deal with the affection anymore. Her mother can get jealous of the attention on the rare occasion her husband visits. Dispite this, Kan’na’s mother does have real affection for her, and wants her to be the best she can be.

Kan'na Roser

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