Benjamin "Benny" Green




Benjamin Green is an eleven year old boy from the same town everyone else is from and goes to the same school. He is from a well known family in town because his father is a local police officer and his mother is a realtor, her picture is posted all over town on advertisements. He has an older brother, Charles, who is in high school and is the star quarterback. He is a pretty well liked kid by both adults and kids. He always knows the right thing to say and is able to get most people to do exactly what he wants. He is also known as a quite observant child, usually remembers events with shockingly accuracy.

Benny plays football, he is the kicker, and there he and Hank Jr. became close friends although Benny sometimes does manipulate Hank to be his muscle. While he is mostly a good kid he sometimes does get involved in shenanigans around the school and has gotten really good at talking himself out of trouble.

All in all his home life is outwardly typical but is actually cold and unfeeling. His mother is never home, rumor has it that they are getting a divorce, and his father is always trying to instill his strict moral code into the young boy. His brother tries to be a good role model but he is a troubled young man and often makes poor choices. His brother is well known in town for wrecking his brand new Mustang after a long night of drinking and also for taking the local football team to state.

Benjamin "Benny" Green

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