Brannagh Kozloff

Witch in training




Description and History
She is a first generation American. She has no siblings. Can be a little spoiled because of the no siblings. Her father Ivan is from Russia. Her mother Brenna is from Ireland. Both left their countries under unknown reasons at least unknown to their daughter. Dad is a dentist. He also teaches people Russian in his spare time. Mom runs a chain of restaurants that are extremely successful. She also in her spare time teaches people Irish Gaelic. They are kind yet stern to their daughter.

Daughter is a bit of a trouble maker. Makes her parents shake their collective heads she was born with a warning it is flaming red. She also needs glasses to see. Mom and Dad have given her a Mac Book Pro laptop for school. She uses it to do what ever she wants to do. She enjoys breaking codes and figuring out things. She has a iPad for reading books and taking notes in class. She remembers everything she has read.  She is dyslexic. She is also highly allergic to gluten. Mom and Dad make sure she takes a lunch because of her dietary needs. Her family has never stayed in place for more than two years at a time. She has unexplainable nightmares. She speaks loudly when she angry and her words always have the cutting edge of truth attached to them. Even when she is not angry she also speaks the truth, no matter what.

She has an odd flare with languages. She currently speaks/reads/ is fluent in: English(default American), Russian, Irish Gaelic, French, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Greek, Italian, Latin, German.

She also likes her computers and learning about the occult more than most people.

She has a guardian angel that has kept her safe from what ever is going on with her parents.

She also has a pet. She thinks it is a wolf hound. It looks more wolf than actual wolf hound. She named him Fenris.

She is also hyper aware of unseen things when they come into her presence.

She is a very beautiful stunning looking girl. You can tell when she gets older she will be a great beauty, a heart breaker.

Entry one:

Moved again, we have been in this town for a little bit. I think my parents feel safe for the moment. We have not moved in a few years. I am kinda odded out. We have been moving every two years for a long as I remember. I do not know what is up with this town. Or why it might be safer. Alls I know is this is odd.
I do like some of the kids in school. Not sure about some of them some of the time. The boy crew is funny.  I like the Russian girl’s company. I really need to learn these people’s names. I am just not sure if I want to. For the moment I learn them, get comfortable we will have to run.
I understand the new girl with the back pack. I can pack like that. My laptop, ipad, three days worth of clothing, and the other small supplies that are kept in a baggie to be packed quickly. Well I can smell dinner, time to go eat.



Mac Book Pro/ case, iPad/ case, flashlight, manga, first aid kit, cell phone, 65G flash drive (2), trail mix, iPod/music, Water bottle, baton, flask, extra outfit (2), Note 2 cell phone, Portable Pagan altar (candles, oil, salt, herbs, ect), Combat knives(2), large mag light, Solar charger for cell phone and computer stuff


Physical Characteristics

Nationality: Russian-Irish American
Skin Color: Pale
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 85lbs
Scars: none
Piercings: ears
Tattoos: none
Hair Color: red
Hair Length: shoulder length
Hair Type: curly
Hair Style: depends on her mood. Usually braided.
Eye Type: upturned
Eye Color: hazel

Health and Fitness

Abnormalities: none
Addictions: none
Aids: Glasses
Allergies: Gluten
Broken Bones: none
Conditions: none
Diseases: none
Disorders: none
Handicaps: none
Medication: Allergies
Vulnerabilities: loosing her glasses would be a problem
Reason for Health: Born that way

Birthmarks: Looks like Mjölnir on her left shoulder
Blood Type: O
Diet: gluten free
Exercise: yes
Figure: toned
Fitness: good
Hygiene: good
Martial Arts: learning (will end up being a Russian style of martial arts)


Accessories: She wears a pentacle around her neck on a platinum chain. One ring on each hand both knotwork rings both made of platinum, A watch with a thick band has a compass in the band along with the watch. Jelly bracelets- black, red, and putple. Where black fingerless gloves.

Dress Style/Wardrobe: Tomboyish: tank tops or t-shirts- short and long sleeved, dark washed skinny jeans or dark washed shorts, Combat boots or converse shoes. Leather jacket that has kevlar in it and her trusted hoodie.

Equipment: Mac Book Pro/ case, iPad/ case, flashlight, manga, first aid kit, cell phone, 65G flash drive (2), trail mix, iPod/music, Water bottle, baton, flask, extra outfit (2), Note 2 cell phone, Portable Pagan altar (candles, oil, salt, herbs, ect), Combat knives(2), large mag light, Solar charger for cell phone and computer stuff

3 Most Prized Possession: Pentacle and her rings

3 Most Valuable Possession: Her wolfhound (she still thinks it is more wolf then hound) Her mac book, iPad

Trinkets: Pentacle and her rings are not just assessories.

General/Personal Characteristics

Other Names: Dad calls her Dearheart in Russin. Mom calls her sweetie in Irish. No nicknames from her newly made friends.
Theme Song:
Birth Date: Oct 31
Age: 12
Manner of Birth: Home birth with midwife. She was born on Halloween how much more strange does that have to be? ;)
Zodiac: Dragon, Scorpio
First Word(s): I’m hungry.

Primary Objective: Knowledge
Secondary Objectives: Building friendships, Exploring, Doing the right thing, survive,
Priorities: Survival
Motivation: Curiosity
Accomplishments: Hacking her schools computer system. Surviving the lock in
Greatest Achievement: Living this long.
Failures: Loosing the new schoolmate and releasing this evil into the world.
Biggest Failure: See above failure
Self-Confidence: She thinks she can handle anything.
Traumas: She has nightmares of something hunting her and her family.
Afflictions: nightmares
Embarrassments: Her new friends behaviors and actions toward each other.
Worries: Survival, tests
Soothers: Surfing the web, reading, listening to music
Instigators: Certain types of adults: Aggressive adults, Creepy adults

Earliest Memory: Seeing the house they were staying in burning as they were driving away.
Fondest Memory: Receiving her wolfhound puppy.
Worst Memory: Meeting new people, new schools
Favorite Dream: To become an adult. She wants to sing.
Worst Nightmare: Those happen at night and they are so varied and all end up in death.

Desires: Healing ability to just heal people.
Wishes: Right now her only wish is to set right what they released. (Good job heroes you fucked up)
Regrets: Setting the evil free.
Secrets: None as of now, her parents have secrets.
Confidantes: right now no one. She is still unsure of her current friends.
Soft Spots: Animals.
Cruel Streaks: Bullies she feels the need to take them down and make sure they never bully again.

Musical Instrument: Guitar and piano
Quirks: Hacker, Occult knowledge, fact finder, loves to decode things
Dominant Hand: ambidextrous
Catchphrase: none right now
Autograph: Tiny and neat. (Will create one to post)

Mental Characteristics

IQ: 116
Known Languages: English, Russian, Irish Gaelic, Japanese, Latin
Lures: Knowledge
Manias: Occult, myths, fairy stories, old religions
Memory: good memory
Phobias: Death, her night terrors
Savvies: Computers, music, writing, art
Ineptitude: social situations
Temperament: Driving, analytical, and expressive
Hobbies: reading, learning more about the occult, magic, mythology
Pet Peeves: Blaming an innocent for what someone else did, Treating people as guilty until that guild or innocence is proven

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical-Mathematical: Quite logical (she does hack)
Spatial: Not good at this at all.
Linguistic: She is quite good that this.
Bodily-Kinesthetic: Normal
Musical: She sings (soprano), plays two instruments (Guitar and piano)
Interpersonal: She is okay but does not always understand other people
Intrapersonal: She understands herself.
Naturalistic: Is not that in-tuned with that
Existential: She is sensitive to the flux of the spirit world. She is sensitive to those that are ‘different’ Occult/Magical auras she senses.

Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: Agree to disagree, balance between good and evil, dark is not evil, light is not good, bright is not good, family honor, what the hell, hero?
Etiquette: Minding her manners and doing her best to be nice even when she does not want to.
Attitude: Happy
Outlook on Life: Full of adventure
Perception: Optimistically and Realistically (the glass is always full, half full of liquid half full of air equals full)
Standpoint: student’s standpoint
Philosophy: Knowledge is Power
Political Party: Independent
Taboos: Harm an animal.

Spiritual Characteristics

Animal: Dragon
Religion: Pagan
Devotion: She is devoted.
Superstitions: She is the one people are superstitious of.
Virtues: Diligence, Humility, Kindness, Justice
Vices: Pride and Wrath

Highs and Lows

Likes: Reading, researching the occult, ghost stories, music, her computer
Dislikes: people interrupting her while she is doing something. No electrical.

Favorite Actor: Taylor Kitsch and James Marsters
Favorite Animal: wolf, crows
Favorite Arts: Music
Favorite Band: Led Zepplin (blame her Dad)
Favorite Book: Percy Jackson stories
Favorite Color: black, purple and red
Favorite Country: Canada
Favorite Drink: Chai tea
Favorite Excuse: Computer ate it
Favorite Food: Irish soda bread, Russian short cakes (both made gluten free)
Favorite Flavor: chocolate
Favorite Movie: The Crow
Favorite Musical Genre: Rock
Favorite Mythical Creature: Dragon
Favorite Number: 3
Favorite Pastime: Surfing the web
Favorite People: Her parents.
Favorite Place: Her room
Favorite Quote: “Death, Disorder and Chaos!@ My work here is done!”
Favorite Restaurant: Mom’s resturant
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Song: Wing by Little Mix
Favorite Store:
Favorite Story Genre: Fantasy
Favorite Subject: Music and computers
Favorite TV Show: Grimm
Favorite Words: (has too many in too many languages)

Least Favorite Actor: none
Least Favorite Animal: none
Least Favorite Arts: none
Least Favorite Band: Justin B….
Least Favorite Book: none
Least Favorite Color: Really likes them all but has favorites none she does not like
Least Favorite Country: Russia and Ireland because she cannot visit them.
Least Favorite Drink: none
Least Favorite Excuse: It cannot be done that way.
Least Favorite Food: none
Least Favorite Flavor: black licorice
Least Favorite Movie: none
Least Favorite Musical Genre: rap
Least Favorite Mythical Creature: none
Least Favorite Number: 16
Least Favorite Pastime: none
Least Favorite People: none
Least Favorite Place: none
Least Favorite Quote: none
Least Favorite Restaurant: none
Least Favorite Season: Summer
Least Favorite Song: What ever is being over played at the moment
Least Favorite Store: none
Least Favorite Story Genre: school text books
Least Favorite Subject: Gym (getting picked last because no one knows you doe s not help)
Least Favorite TV Show: she does not like shows that are supposed to be funny.
Least Favorite Words: none

Social Characteristics

Communication: Through Ims, email and speaking to them if that what it takes.
Criminal Record: None, just not been caught yet.
Discriminations: Brusselsprots
Dominance: Iron-fistedly, she does not let anyone tell her what to do. (Unless it her parents, they are her parents after all)
Ego: She thinks she is good at what she does.
Emotional Stability: She can take a lot before she breaks.
Expression: Both her clothing and speaking her mind.
Humor: Farts are always funny. She finds odd things funny and seems almost humourless at times because of that.
Liveliness: She has high levels of energy.
Mannerisms: Well-mannered for the most part.
Patience: Impatient, she is quite short on that.
Reputation: She has no clue and doe snto care what they think of her.
Sociability: She likes and socializes with only a few. She fears truly making friends for as soon as she does she fears they will move again.
Status: Quiet
Style: Nerd-Geek


Compliments: “I like your hair” “I think you are super smart”
Insults: “You went and were looking for trains when it was time to hand out brains didn’t you?”
Emotional Status: (Happy
Expletives: She tends to swear in other languages. Mostly because that way the adults do not catch her swearing.
Mood: Thoughtful
State of Mind: Curiosity
Words: What are you doing?
Farewells: Slán leat
Greetings: Hello, merry meet

School and Work

Average Grade: As
Extracurricular: Music club, Computer club, Has a vocal coach goes to twice a week. Twice a week guitar and piano lessons too
Special Education: Private schooling and internet classes.
Study Habits: A few hours a day.

Association: Irish/Russian peoples, musically inclined people
Learning Type: Auditory and Visual learner?)
Work Ethic: Thoroughly and effectively
Transportation: Walks or parents drive.


Class: Middle-upper class
Debt: None
Dependents: none
Income: Allowance weekly of 200 dollars. (For doing chores and doing well in school)

Interpersonal Connections

Mother: Brenna
Relationship with her: good one, Mom is well mom.
Father: Ivan
Relationship with him: good one, Dad is well dad. He is the one that does the most of the spoiling.
Siblings, How many, relationship with each: 0 siblings, only child.
Children of siblings: none
Immediate Family: Parents
Close Relatives: She does not know.
Distant Relatives: She does not know
Ancestors: Has not a clue.

Acquaintances: She does not really remember anyone’s names right now.
Allegiance: None right now.
Allies: Her new friends
Enemies: Any one who she views as a bully
Followers: None that she knows of.
Friends: She is currently in the process of making friends but as of now I would say that Ilya, Kan’na, Jay,
Heroes: Wonder woman, Black Widow, Captain America
Inspirations: Her parents and the above mentioned super heroes
Pets: A wolf hound named Fenris
Rivals: None yet.
Role Models: Her parents
Subordinates: None as of now


Currently is not a fighter. Dad plans on changing that soon.

Signature Move: None
Specialty: None
Special Attack: None
Strengths: None
Weaknesses: As of now does not really know how to fight well.


First Impressions: The quiet kid with the computer
Strangers’ Impressions: Quiet child, well mannered
Friends’ Impressions: Smart kid with computer with explosive temperament
Family’s Impressions: dutiful daughter, quiet, respectful
Self Impression: Happy
Authority’s Impressions: Need to watch this one spends a lot of time giggling over there on her computer who knows what kind of mischief she is up too
Associates’ Impressions: Way too smart of knowledge that people should just not know.


(Pending GM answers to what this is)


Defining Moment None as of now

Other Information


Brannagh Kozloff

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