Jay Turkin




Jay was born and spent the majority of his 12 yr old life in the woods of Washington, only moving here in the middle of summer. His mother’s name was Felicity but she died soon after Jay’s birth and his father Kevin refuses to speak about her at all and will act like Jay doesn’t exist whenever Jay brings her up; this lead to Jay never actually knowing his mother’s name.

Since they lived out in the woods his father was a very skilled hunter and provided most of the food for the family himself instead of driving all the way to the closest shop to buy any. Sadly this wasn’t just pride it was also a slight touch of paranoia. Jay’s father REALLY didn’t like people in general so he avoided them and taught Jay to do the same. He grew up being secluded, not exactly disliking people but just not being exposed to them.

Once Jay turned 10, his father bought him a hunting knife and 22-caliber for his birthday and started to teach him to hunt. He was taught basic firearm safety and how to gut all kinds of animals as well as how to survive in the wild for semi-extended periods. He was of course home schooled but not really the way one should be. He was instead taught how to live and survive because his dad wanted to raise someone who could depend entirely on the land.

Right after Jay turned 11, social services came in and went about stopping this nonsense. After a somewhat brief battle for custody, Jay’s father lost him and Jay had to move to suburbia land with an aunt on his mom’s side. He moved in the summer just after his 12th birthday and a couple weeks before school started. He was allowed to take his hunting knife, 22 rifle, tent, and sleeping bag with him but that’s it.

He currently lives with his aunt and uncle as the new kid on the block. He is two grades behind everyone else who is age 12 and is only a bit embarrassed about it. He doesn’t know anybody and spends almost all of his time in wooded area next to suburbia land (including nights). He always caries his hunting knife on his person somewhere (he is trying to figure out how to hide it).


  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Hunting small game
  • Target shooting

Merits and flaws to come later.

Character Questions
Physical Characteristics

Nationality: American – Primarily Scottish descent
Skin Color: A continuously light tan
Height: 4’ 6”
Weight: 100 lbs
Scars: Too many small ones to count, but a large one on the right side of his scalp from a hunt gone bad.
Hair Color: Jet Black
Hair Length: 2.5”
Hair Type: Straight unless longer than 4”, then wavy
Hair Style: Whatever it chooses, but usually flat against his head looking slightly shaggy
Eye Type: Straight
Eye Color: Grey-green

Health and Fitness

Addictions: None official. Can’t stand to be inside long
Aids: Contacts
Allergies: Pineapple
Broken Bones: None currently, Had a broken femur from falling out of a maple tree once
Diseases: None known, Doesn’t really get sick.
Disorders: Flashbacks, claustrophobia
Handicaps: Social situations… 1 general (2 if center of attention), +1 if out of woods, + 2 for making an impression
Medication: He has meds for ADD, but he doesn’t take them
Vulnerabilities: His ears. Can’t stand very loud sound and they are sensitive to pain
Reason for Health: Stayed outside a lot as a kid, was left outside for 3 days once to fend for himself. Raised to live in the woods away from civilization. Resistant to most pain and illness because of it.

Birthmarks: A darker patch on his back that looks like the UP of Michigan
Blood Type: O-
Diet: Balanced 3 meals a day because his aunt makes him. Extra fruits or herbs that he finds in the woods (like raspberries)
Exercise: LOTS of hiking. Mostly endurance work instead of strength
Figure: Lanky, almost wiry build.
Fitness: High endurance, low strength, high resistances to pain
Hygiene: Doesn’t shower often, but lack of puberty = lack of BO. Usually smells like the woods but caries a toothbrush and toothpaste on him so he can keep his teeth clean at least
Martial Arts: None formal. Can defend/attack with a knife


Accessories: Digital watch, Leo pendant necklace, small whistle (for calling Max)
Dress Style/Wardrobe: Rugged, outdoor ready, cargo style pants/shorts for the pockets. Usually not mismatched because plain colors. Camo if special occasion.
Equipment: Hunting knife, LED flashlight, compass, map of immediate area, water bottle/canteen with his name engraved in Gothic Font, whistle, paracord
3 Most Prized Possession: 22 rifle, Hunting knife, Canteen
3 Most Valuable Possession: 4 person all season tent, -20 degree sleeping bag, 22 rifle
Trinkets: Whistle for calling Max

General/Personal Characteristics

Other Names: J.T. (only his uncle uses it, to try and be personable)
Theme Song: “Burning in The Skies”
Birth Date: August 18th
Manner of Birth: Birth did kill mother, but not immediately. Jay doesn’t know this
Zodiac: Leo
First Word(s): Dog

Primary Objective: Become like the other kids, normal. Be accepted
Secondary Objectives: Get away from uncle, get shotgun, keep the wooded area present
Priorities: Survive, Max’s Survival, Existence of woodland area
Motivation: Keeping up with everyone keeps him alert, people seem like animals when hurt or scared, so taking care of them
Accomplishments: Small game trophies, 10pt buck, rather high accuracy with rifles
Greatest Achievement: Hunted a Cougar with moderate success.
Failures: Can’t seem to fit in. Won’t talk to many people.
Biggest Failure: Got lost in the woods for several days
Self-Confidence: In the woods he is perfect, and believes he is one of the best. In any social situation, his confidence is completely gone.
Traumas: When he was taken from his home by social services
Afflictions: Slight ADD. VERY SHY
Embarrassments: Screams like a girl when too scared
Worries: Will he ever be accepted?
Soothers: The smell of pine, rain, small flame
Instigators: Men in black suits

Earliest Memory: His mother in bed sick
Fondest Memory: When he got his first dog
Worst Memory: The death of his first pet at the paws of cougar mentioned above
Favorite Dream: Stalking and bringing home a trophy elk
Worst Nightmare: People dressed in black with their faces blurred force him into a tiny cell, then the walls get closer every day before they crush him, but his mind lives on being more and more crushed.

Desires: To have friends. To become a great hunter. To own a 20 gauge collector’s shotgun
Wishes: To be the best hunter. To be popular
Regrets: He didn’t help his “acquaintances’” try to save Lola
Secrets: He is deathly afraid of enclosed spaces and will cry if trapped.
Confidantes: His dog Max
Soft Spots: Animals
Cruel Streaks: Human compassion that will end in failure or just more suffering

Musical Instrument: Tuba
Quirks: Plays the Tuba and actually loves to care for people.
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous but mainly right
Catchphrase: “Oh Dang…”
Autograph: Short chicken scratch that can’t stay on the line

Mental Characteristics

IQ: 115
Known Languages: English
Lures: Dogs
Manias: Dogs and useful plants
Memory: Poor average
Phobias: Claustrophobia
Savvies: Outdoors
Ineptities: Social queues , Social Interactions
Temperament: Supine
Hobbies: Camping. Hiking
Pet Peeves: Adults not listening, Adults telling him to do things for no apparent reason

Intellectual Characteristics

Logical-Mathematical: Not. He is quick on his feet but not logical often
Spatial: Very much so, Jay thinks in pictures
Linguistic: Not too much, little human contact
Bodily-Kinesthetic: Rather well
Musical: Not too much, his tuba playing is pretty bad
Interpersonal: He doesn’t. He is still learning how
Intrapersonal: Relatively high understanding of himself and logical actions. (Being shaken recently by his want to be accepted)
Naturalistic: VERY WELL! Outdoors and Nature is his thing
Existential: Not too much understanding. Tries to stay in reality that he has seen and felt.

Philosophical Characteristics

Morality: Causing purposeful suffering to any living thing is bad. Stealing is bad, but to him stealing is from a store. If it is lying around then it’s not stealing in his eyes. (no one has told him different yet). Mercy killing is completely within the realm of possibility however.
Etiquette: He cares for any person or animal that looks in need. He will however pick up whatever is handy that he needs, it doesn’t matter whose it is.
Attitude: Shy, withdrawn. Cannot stand to see a living thing suffering
Outlook on Life: Life is full of surprises. Something to be ready for, but happy for.
Perception: Realistic. If something is beyond saving then kill it. If you need food, then hunt. Somewhat black-and-white viewpoint
Standpoint: That of a child, yet that of a predator
Philosophy: “Stay curious but careful, Stay helpful but realistic”
Political Party: Republican/conservative, but he doesn’t know it
Taboos: Torture an animal

Spiritual Characteristics

Animal: Bengal Tiger?
Religion: Christianity
Devotion: 3/10
Superstitions: Don’t walk under ladders.
Virtues: Temperance, Diligence, Kindness, Patience
Vices: Greed, Pride, or Despair

Highs and Lows

Likes: Anything outdoors (overdone yet?), canines, rain
Dislikes: TV, suits, preps

Favorite Actor: Orlando Bloom
Favorite Animal: Moose
Favorite Arts: wood carving & ice sculptures
Favorite Band: Depeche Mode
Favorite Book: The Lord of The Rings
Favorite Color: Blood Red
Favorite Country: Ireland
Favorite Drink: Arnold Palmer
Favorite Excuse: “Max wants to….”
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Favorite Flavor: Banana
Favorite Movie: The Hobbit
Favorite Musical Genre: Alternative Soft Rock
Favorite Mythical Creature: Phoenix
Favorite Number: 0
Favorite Pastime: listening to the rain
Favorite People: His Dad,
Favorite Place: There is a cliff edge near his home in Washington State that he loves to sit on and look out over the tree tops. Now his favorite place is the little wooded area outside the suburbia he has to stay at
Favorite Quote: “Aaaallllllrighty Then” Jim Carrey"
Favorite Restaurant: Red Lobster
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Song: Enjoy the Silence
Favorite Store: Cabela’s
Favorite Story Genre: Fantasy
Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite TV Show: Zaboomafoo
Favorite Words: “I’ll be back later”

Least Favorite Actor: Will Ferrel
Least Favorite Animal: Cougar
Least Favorite Arts: Black and White photography
Least Favorite Band: 50 Cent
Least Favorite Book: Twilight
Least Favorite Color: Neon Green
Least Favorite Country: Vietnam
Least Favorite Drink: Orange Juice
Least Favorite Excuse: “I just gotta”
Least Favorite Food: Yogurt
Least Favorite Flavor: Alcohol
Least Favorite Movie: Paranormal Activity
Least Favorite Musical Genre: Punk
Least Favorite Mythical Creature: Hydra
Least Favorite Number: 10
Least Favorite Pastime: “Family Time” with his uncle
Least Favorite People: His uncle, Social Services
Least Favorite Place: His house
Least Favorite Quote: “Make a lie big, keep it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” – Adolf Hitler
Least Favorite Restaurant: McDonald’s
Least Favorite Season: Fall
Least Favorite Song: “Happy Hour” – The Freeze
Least Favorite Store: Toys ‘R’ Us
Least Favorite Story Genre: Historical Non-Fiction
Least Favorite Subject: History
Least Favorite TV Show: Barney
Least Favorite Words: “Because I told you to”

Social Characteristics

Communication: Very poor. His social skills are lacking
Criminal Record: Trespassing, and arson if that’s what unauthorized campfires are, Truancy
Discriminations: Blacks, but he tries not to show it
Dominance: Extremely Submissive (Resolve = 1)
Ego: Confident in his limited abilities. When something is in his territory of knowledge then he believes he is peerless
Emotional Stability: He seem emotionally stable, but that is because he is withdrawn
Expression: He expresses himself through facial and body gestures. We are just large animals and our bodies should reflect how we feel.
Humor: Small to moderate amount of pain that was caused through stupidity. NEVER anything prolonged.
Liveliness: Very physically active. When inside he is sometimes dull and lethargic, but when outside its like the air gives him energy
Mannerisms: Reserved, but usually well mannered
Patience: Incredibly patient when dealing with something annoying. Doesn’t often lose his head about small things
Reputation: New kid on the block, Nature boy, Do Not Follow
Sociability: Likes being alone around Max, but trying to be better about spending time with his “friends”
Status: Quiet new kid
Style: Outdoorsman, rugged, practical


Compliments: “Oh that’s cool” “Good job on the ______”
Insults: “THAT/YOU… was/are kinda stupid…”
Emotional Status: Curious
Expletives: “Dang” “Crap”, he will even say “$h!t” if something goes extremely wrong
Mood: Thoughtful
State of Mind: Reserved
Words: “like”, “Wat”,
Farewells: “See ya” and to his friends “See ya chicka/o”
Greetings: “Heya”

School and Work

Average Grade: B-
Extracurricular: None, he doesn’t know them well enough
Special Education: Home schooling. Crash Course in outdoor survival
Study Habits: He doesn’t study. He sees no point.

Association: He skirts around the anti-bully group
Learning Type: Kinesthetic by far
Work Ethic: Get it done right, Get it done fast
Transportation: Running Shoes


Class: Upper Middle because of his
Debt: (How much debt does your character have over their head? $500? 40000¥? OVER £9000?)
Funds: (How much money does your character have on them on average? $5? $500? $5000000?)

Interpersonal Connections

Mother: Nastasia Turkin
Relationship with her: Doesn’t know much about her, his birth indirectly caused her death
Father: Dylan Turkin
Relationship with him: was homeschooled by him, was also taken away from him for child neglect but bears no ill feelings. Jay actually would prefer being with his dad again
Immediate Family: Father, Aunt and Uncle
Close Relatives: Aunt and Uncle
Distant Relatives: The king of Scotland is a second cousin, 14 times removed
Ancestors: Genghis Kahn, Noah

Acquaintances: Almost the entire party, except the ones listed specifically below
Allegiance: The International Hunter Education Association
Allies: The Students of the elementary School
Enemies: His Uncle, Social Services
Followers: Closest thing would be the little Asian Girl
Friends: Said Asian, & Sarah
Heroes: Johny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, John Henry
Inspirations: His Dad
Pets: His Dog Max
Rivals: Randy
Role Models: His father when they still lived together, now he searches for someone
Subordinates: Nobody listens to Jay…


Signature Move: Knife swipe to the stomach
Specialty: hunting knife
Special Attack: “Sick ’em Max!!”
Strengths: Outdoors and wildlife
Weaknesses: ANY other social instance


First Impressions: Horrible (Flaw deems it)
Strangers’ Impressions: Loner wild kid. Tries to stick to the background a little too much
Friends’ Impressions: Nature boy
Family’s Impressions: Wild Child, doesn’t listen
Self Impression: slightly disappointed at lack of social ability
Authority’s Impressions: Listens, but only to the letter instead of the spirit
Associates’ Impressions: Nature boy

Defining Moment

While Jay was in dreamland, he played a significant roll in the “taming” of a hydra

Other Information
He will do what he can for as long as he must. He is however re-evaluating who he believes is popular and if he really wants to be like them.

Jay Turkin

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