Sarah Benson

Tomboy playground protector with a strong sense of loyalty.


Sarah Benson is above average height with a wiry, powerful build. She wears her auburn hair up in a messy ponytail every day, and wears comfortable (but not necessarily fashionable) clothing. Her features are not striking, but not unattractive. She is the type of girl that could be regarded as pretty if she worked at it, but for the most part, Sarah is a tomboy, and doesn’t have much patience for things she regards as girlie. Sarah has dark blue eyes that dance with amusement and she’s quick with a smile for everyone she meets.


Sarah is the second child of Jason and Victoria Benson. Mr. Benson is a firefighter and Mrs. Benson is a judge. Those of you with older siblings might know (or know of) Sarah’s older brother Jake. He is a junior in high school – one of the popular kids. He is on the football team, gets good grades, involved in a million student groups, etc.
Sarah and Hank Jr. (Erich O’s character) have been attached at the hip about as long as anyone can remember. The two of them have gained a bit of a reputation as playground security, fighting the good fight against playground bullies, and dealing justice for downtrodden kids at recess.
Despite being a bit of a troublemaker, Sarah is remarkably good at not getting in to too much trouble. She is friendly with nearly everyone. She treats all the other kids like great friends from the moment she meets them. She is always respectful of her teachers, even when she gets in trouble. She does odd jobs around the neighborhood, and many of your characters’ parents probably know her as “that nice girl that shovels snow/mows the lawn/helps old ladies across the street, etc.” She is on the girls’ hockey team, pitcher on the softball team, volunteers at an animal shelter, and she’s an honor student.
Sarah stays out of serious trouble through her own ability to charm adults, and also by being selective about what trouble she gets into. Sarah has no tolerance for bullies. She is willing to sacrifice her own well-being to protect others, and no amount of detention will deter her from fighting back to back with Hank Jr.

Sarah Benson

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